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Liquid Glass Total Appearance Kit

Liquid Glass Total Appearance Kitstar rating 5BenMay 11, 2013I have used Liquid Glass on a number of my cars and this product is nothing like the other car wax products. The shine Liquid Glass puts on your car is one you and others will admire. I put 3-4 applications on and the car looks great. What is even better is the way water beads off it.
Liquid Glass Total Appearance Kitstar rating 5George GlaumNovember 1, 2012I have been using Liquid Glass for nearly 30 years. I used it successfully for Customers in an Auto Detailing Shop, all of whom were delighted with the results each and every time. I will use nothing else on my vehicles. After using Liquid Glass the paint is smooth and clean, repels rain and dirt, and keeps the paint supple and in good condition. The more coats you work into your paint the deeper the shine.
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